Friday, August 15, 2008

Peking Duck@Hidden City

Beijing used to be a wasteland for good eats--at least for "expats" like me. But no more. Last night, I was treated to the most delicious Peking Duck at a chic place called Hidden City, built around a former 1949 factory in Beijing tucked behind the IBM tower here. The complex combines a courtyard of gardens and trees surrounded by a LED-lit bar, a watch-them-make-it noodle bar and the signature restaurant where I ate, Duck De Chine. The place also houses a gallery showing works of contemporary Chinese artists. Soon, the establishment will offer memberships to a Club 49 retreat within the complex. I had the opportunity of meeting the owner/manager, Paul Hsu, who happened to be dining there as well. He's typically on the road, managing the multiple restaurants he has in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Indonesia as part of his Elite Concepts group. Sad to say, don't think they will open a NYC or SF outlet soon, given how much growth there is in China.