Monday, August 26, 2013

Silicon Dragon Circumnavigates the Globe

 Here's a sampling of some of my recent contributions at Forbes from China, Australia, New Zealand and Silicon Valley. Hope you enjoy, Rebecca

  • Kiwi entrepreneurs are on a discovery tour to test how far they can go. read »

  • A weekend arrival in Wellington finds the city on lock down after a 6.6 earthquake. But the startup culture kept going. What else to expect from entrepreneurs? read »

  • New China venture funds and another IPO could signal the end of a long, dry spell for investing in Chinese startups. read »

  • CSOFT’s dynamic leader Shunee Yee is poised to become the female Chinese entrepreneur who could win big beyond China. read »

  • China followed by India look most promising to take over tech leadership from Silicon Valley if and when the Valley slips. read »

  • Mary Meeker’s annual report on Internet trends applauds China for moving ahead as the most advanced and largest player globally. Is it too optimistic about China’s prospects? read »

  • China’s telecom-plus company pumps up its innovation engine to keep the world connected seamlessly over mobile phones and the Internet. There’s still plenty of work to be done. read »

  • Neil Shen has been doing venture deals in China for longer than most — 8 years — and with a better track record than most, though not without his share of controversies. Shen sounds off at Silicon Dragon Beijing on what make deal making in China more challenging than in Silicon Valley yet why it still represents a good opportunity for those with read »

  • Light In The Box on the NYSE is the first Chinese company to go public in the U.S. this year, after only two in 2012. Don’t expect to see a rebound to 2010, when China topped the IPO action. But signs of a reverse tide may be coming. read »