Monday, June 23, 2008

Low-tech at Beijing airport

Check out this decidedly low-tech project photographed recently in one of the women's bathrooms at Beijing's sparkling new international airport -- ready just in time for the Summer Olympics. The airport's new high-speed train to the center of the city and its passenger mover at the terminals make JFK look dated by comparision. The airport was constructed in just two years. See my blog on Huffington Post,, for more information.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Silicon Dragon--Chinese edition

Good news. The Chinese edition of Silicon Dragon has just launched. Check out this link for online orders:

The book is also available at select bookstores in the U.S. Several of these are in the Silicon Valley vicinity, though Portland, Houston and Honolulu made it on the distribution list too.

Elsewhere, the Chinese edition can be ordered and purchased at Chinatown bookstores in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Chicago. In the South, it's available in Atlanta and Miami. Even Detroit made it on the list! Thanks goes to my publisher, McGraw-Hill, and its far-reaching offices globally.
Send me an email at if you need more info about where to buy a copy.
Rebecca Fannin
Author, Silicon Dragon