Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mom meets McCain-Palin team

This is off the usual topic of Silicon Dragon, but it's difficult to avoid politics these days. My 80-year-old mom who lives near Columbus, Ohio writes that she had a very exciting time getting to attend a Victory Rally yesterday at Capital University. McCain and Palin and their entourage packed the bleachers with 9,000+ attendees, and my mom got an up-close, middle seat -- thanks to pleading that she can't stand for long periods of time. The rally went on for nearly four hours, topped with an excellent opening speech from McCain campaign booster and former POW, Colonel Moe (who is from my hometown, Lancaster). My mom reports that Palin looks a little slimmer in person than on TV while McCain's wife is more beautiful in person. Also, McCain looks younger than he appears on broadcasts. As for what they said, my mom writes that each gave their best stump speech with nothing original, I take it, for the Ohio crowd. All in all, the event was well managed with well-planned bus shuttles from close-by Franklin Park to the center.
My mom says I get to have all the excitement. So believe me, she is really pleased that she got to have this diversion. She loves politics! And can't wait for another opportunity to get involved.
Here's a picture of my mom. She is one very determined woman, I know from experience!
She's wearing the pink vest I bought her from Lord & Taylor.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mont Tremblant on my mind

I took this photo while I was driving south on Route 87, on my return trip from Mont Tremblant. What was I doing there? I was a panelist at the Red Herring Canada conference in this lovely mountain resort about an hour's drive north of Montreal.
I found the drive not too exhausting, and a wonderful time of solitude and thinking. Now for the next book!
PS -- I'll be returning to Canada during our U.S. Thanksgiving break. I have a speaking gig at Ottawa at the local Indus Entrepreneurs chapter. Can't wait!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin & my hometown

McCain's presidential running mate Sarah Palin "packed a punch" at her convention speech -- and mentioned my hometown of Lancaster, Ohio! I had no idea that a Lancaster area resident -- former Air Force fighter pilot Tom Moe -- was a fellow prisoner of war with McCain at the Hanoi Hilton for five years! Yet there he was an Ohio delgate, standing up and being acknowledged by Palin. Moe has never been in politics before, but was convinced by another Ohio POW to come out campaigning for his former Hilton "neighbor", John McCain.
Let me now add this comment of pride to my column on Huffington Post, which reported on Lancaster being left behind in this new era of technology. Lancaster is a former factory town, home to the largest glass manufacturer in the world, Anchor Hocking, but has faced hard times making a transition in the new economy.
Speaking of new economy, I was glad to see Palin emphasizing entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation in her speech.