Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let the Fun Begin! in BJ!

Already, the fun is starting. I've packed my bags and waiting at the airport for the flight to Vancouver, and on to Beijing.
My usual drive in Beijing won't be able to meet me at the airport this time. His car has an even-numbered license plate and by new Chinese government rules to reduce traffic jams and clean up the pollution, cars cannot be on the road two days in a row. The rule is enforced through monitoring of odd and even license plates. On the date my flight arrives, cars with even plate numbers are forbidden by the highway. I'll have to try out the new high-speed rail link from the airport into town instead.
Just as soon as I pack my bags, I head off for a business reception of investors at the White House of Beijing. Talk about quanxi! Quick update on this: everyone from the mayor of Beijing to former Hong Kong leader Tung Chee-hwa to Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson was there, plus business heavies such as KKR's Henry Kravis. Check out this photo of the entrance to the State Guest House, where the event was held.
While in Beijing, I'm also moderating a roundtable panel of investors for We also have an outing to the Games! Women's basketball is very fun to watch, I'm told, so we'll see.
The next day, it's coffee with one of my venture capital friends. I also plan to get equipped with a Qik phone to record images of Beijing during the Olympics. Thanks to Qik for making this happen.
Finally, let me thank Guy Kawasaki for putting this blog on Alltop -- a unique site that aggregates blogs by subject area. Mine is found under China.
Here's the link to Alltop: