Monday, April 13, 2009

Harvard China Review notes

Congratulations to the team at Harvard China Review who organized the 12th annual conference on the Cambridge campus. It was a terrific weekend of networking with a diverse group of people -- professors, students, venture capitalists, budding entrepreneurs -- who are all interested in China's future role in the world economy. I know conference organization can be quite trying, but the student organizers pulled it off with panache. Sessions were held in tandem at various Harvard halls, and expert speakers traveled from China to bring their messages, ranging from healthcare and education to the economy and enterpreneurship.
I was invited to moderate a panel on the new face of China's digital media. My fellow panelists were Mike Balaban of Xinhua Finance and Lyndon Cao of China Daily. They gave terrific case studies, just right for Harvard! I outlined the premise of Silicon Dragon and showed how Chinese e-media are gaining a foothold quickly due to China's uptake of the Internet and mobile communications.