Thursday, January 29, 2015

Guru Fixer COO Takes US Tech Startup Quixey On Fast-Track Journey to China and India

Not too many Silicon Valley tech companies are going after both the China and India markets even though that’s where the biggest opportunities exist for many tech companies going after fast growth and profitability.
One company that is ahead on this front is mobile app search engine Quixey in Mountain View. China followed by India are top priority markets for Quixey, COO Guru Gowrappan told me during an interview this week.
Already, China accounts for 50 percent of the search app’s volume and some 20 to 30 percent of revenues  — on par with the U.S. market, Gowrappan revealed. India, a market that skipped right over the desktop generation, lags on revenue so far for Quixey, but should speed up within two to three years, he added.
It helps to have a COO with international perspective and experience working with leading businesses in key global markets.
It helps to have a partner such as Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba on this journey.
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Quixey and other U.S. tech startups will reveal their lessons, challenges and milestones at Silicon Dragon, February 5, in Palo Alto.