Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silicon Dragon Entrepreneur of Beijing: Si Shen

Silicon Dragon is proud to announce our series of awards honoring the top entrepreneurs in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Our first award, for Silicon Dragon Entrepreneur of Beijing, was presented to Si Shen, the CEO and co-founder of Chinese startup Papaya Mobile, a Facebook-like site that runs on Google's Android operating system. Papaya Mobile has funding from DCM and Keytone Ventures.

Shen received the award at our annual Silicon Dragon Beijing event at Tsinghua Science Park, China's Sand Hill Road. Presenting the trophy was our award series sponsor, KPMG, and the management consultancy's partner Hermann Cheung. (see photo)

Criteria for our Silicon Dragon Award include:
1. An innovative product or service in a tech or related area: mobile communications, e-commerce, social networking, Internet, online games, cloud computing, outsourcing, cleantech, healthcare

2. A dynamic, passionate CEO/founder with some international company experience and/or education at a top university

3. A high-caliber management team with fully staffed positions for CTO, CFO, sales and other top executive posts

4. Raised at least one round of venture capital from a prominent firm

5. Reported fast growth at least two years in a row for startup or emerging company

6. A market leader, with sizeable market share that can be documented by an outside industry source

7. Profitable or a quick path to profitability

8. A highly qualified board of directors from the industry

9. English-language fluency

10. A surprise factor such as a major milestone or accomplishment that seemed impossible

Our award winners are selected by an editorial panel and confirmed with a judging group that includes professors from leading business schools in Singapore, Hong Kong and San Francisco, plus incubator lab executives in Beijing and Silicon Valley.

Our next awards will be presented in concert with:
Silicon Dragon Shanghai 2011, Nov. 7
Silicon Dragon Hong Kong 2011, Nov. 10

For more details, email me at rebecca@siliconasiainvest.com