Friday, November 13, 2009

Why NEA, IDG and WI Harper still love China

Let me count the reasons why venture investors love China. Or better yet, hear it directly from Scott Sandell, David Lam and Hugo Shong. I caught up with them at AVCJ's annual forum.
Here's Hugo Shong of IDG explaining why he's keen on the new RMB funds that are rapidly emerging in China.

And David Lam of WI Harper describing two of his firm's hot cleantech deals in the Mainland.

Here's Scott Sandell of NEA chatting about why he may move his family from Silicon Valley to Shanghai for a year or two. It's not just to advance his career!

I recorded these videos with my Flip camera -- thanks goes to Jim Boettcher of Focus Ventures for introducing the cam to me. Jim was an investor in Flip and made a lot of $ with that deal!