Sunday, April 3, 2016

Women In Venture In Asia Are Getting Ahead Faster Than On Sand Hill Road

Tina Ju of KPCB and TDF Capital is
one of the venture achievers in China
Which women are breaking through in the world of business in Asia?
Of an elite group who have shaken things up over the past year, three of 50 power women profiled in the April issue of Forbes Asia come from the venture capital and tech investing world:  Solina Chau of tycoon Li Ka-Shing connected powerhouse Horizon Ventures in Hong Kong, Tina Ju of KPCB China and TDF Capital in Shanghai, and Ho Ching of Singaporean state-owned investment firm Temasek.  Additionally, of the 12 up and comers on the women to watch list, one is Anna Fang of Beijing-based ZhenFund, the largest angel fund in China. Read Silicon Dragon's analysis here at Forbes.
To break through in the male-dominated and clubby venture capital world means that these women really must be very special. From my experience in covering venture since 2000, it seems to me to be easier to have impact and break through the glass barrier in Asia than in the U.S.  By my count, there are many more female partners at China and India venture firms compared with those at Sand Hill Road, Silicon Alley and Silicon Beach.
Some that come to mind who are powerful venture investors in Asia are Stella Xi of Keytone Ventures, Ruby Lu of DCM, Kathy Xu of Capital Today, Nisa Leung and Helen Wong of Qiming Venture, Melissa Guzy of Arbor Ventures, Vani Kola of NEA IndoUS, and Bharati Jacob of Seedfund.
Adding to this, the recently published Forbes Midas list of 100 leading venture capitalists makes a point of noting only five women who made the rankings: Mary Meeker, Rebecca Lynn, Theresia Gouw, Beth Seidenberg, and Jenny Lee, the sole woman on the Midas list from Asia.
Read Silicon Dragon's take on the Midas list at